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Life Legacy 

Prelude Homes & Services recognizes that each of our clients comes to us with a unique history.  We believe that history is their legacy, from which we can also learn and grow.  Our Life Legacy Program™ is based on this philosophy.

Life Legacy Program™ Features:

  • Daily routine based on history and preference.

  • Focus on contentment, purpose and engagement.

  • Engagement opportunities centered around interests and past life experience.

Using a "Life Story"

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Everyone has a story.  And if you have a loved one who is living with memory loss, capturing that story is beneficial in many ways!

What is a "Life Legacy"?

A life legacy is a written, oral, or photographic documentary of your loved one’s life.  It often includes biographical information for the time they were born (or before if you want to include some family history), through their current daily routine and preferences.  It includes information about family, education, hobbies, occupation, courtship, marriage, children, civic involvement, spiritual journey, accomplishments, struggles, and significant life events.

How is a "Life Legacy" beneficial?

There are at least three ways a life legacy can be beneficial to you and your loved one.  First, the process of creating a life legacy can be very therapeutic.  A comprehensive life review provides the opportunity to celebrate life’s successes, work through regrets about failures, and contemplate life’s lessons along the way.  Whether your loved one can actively participate in supplying details or if it is a task you and other family members create on their behalf, the opportunity to reminisce while gathering the information can make for some quality family time and create the opportunity for meaningful conversation.

A second benefit of  producing  a life legacy is that you have created a very practical and useful tool for caregivers should your loved one require care from an outside agency or even for friends and family who may not know the details of your loved one’s life.  The life legacy offers them useful information to use in conversation to pass time or to use in the course of the day as they provide care for your loved one.  It helps them to establish a trusted relationship and gives them a picture of the person your loved one has been. This is especially important if they did not know your loved one before their memory problems started.

Finally, the life legacy creates an excellent keepsake for family members and serves as a remembrance of your loved one, preserving family history.

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