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Our Story.

Beginning or End?  "Understanding that a move to a dementia care home could be a positive beginning is key to Prelude's philosophy, design and team selection."  says Prelude President Phil Dommer, "And as people of faith, the idea of new beginnings has special meaning!"  With that understanding, Mr. Dommer surrounded himself with industry experts and in 2011 the first Prelude Memory Care Cottages was opened in Woodbury, Minnesota.

Prelude was launched with three deliberate objectives; To provide care with excellence to those others find challenging to care for, to equip and embrace the front line staff who deliver this important work, and to be deliberate about incorporating the healing faith we know transcends our earthly abilities at Prelude. As Prelude grows, Phil (Prelude's founder) says, "we will continue to step into challenges in this field with plans to offer hope and a future. Here's to new beginnings!"


Our Vision

Providing elders and their families resources

to live successfully in their own homes;


Providing compassionate, state-of-the-art

care for those who seek a supervised

living environment;


Providing a place of peace, comfort,

and hope for those desiring end-of-life care;


All within a community built on

Biblical Principles.

Our Mission

Creating communities where

elders are valued,

families are "family"

and God is glorified.


Fun Fact!

Wondering why there is a trumpet in our logo? Well, in the Bible, the trumpet was used to call groups of people together in community. At Prelude, we work to build a community that strengthens one another and glorifies God.

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