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Woodbury South Cottages

Prelude Homes & Services Memory Care Cottages seek to create communities where elders are valued, families are family and God is glorified. We do so in our Memory Care Cottages through providing compassionate, state-of-the-art care for those we serve. We use strength-based programming that focuses on each individual’s personal preferences, strengths and life-legacy.

Through a program of care focusing on engagement and empowerment, Prelude Memory Care Cottages meet the unique needs of individuals with memory loss, providing them with a home environment where they are known by those who are caring for their needs.

Each of our Memory Care Cottage locations consists of three individual households, two of which are traditional with both men and women living in the home.

All-male Cottage

Prelude also offers an all-male cottage for men with Alzheimer’s disease or related dementia. Resulting from an identified need in memory care for facilities that cater to men, these cottages are the only all-male households on the east side of Minnesota’s Twin Cities. Men with dementia often have special needs. Whether the specific need is related to a simple desire for male camaraderie or to challenging symptoms, all-male housing is often a good solution.

At Prelude, we strive to create an environment to minimize medication use. We structure a nurturing environment that has a unique appeal for men. This male-specific programming and care uses the same staff Prelude has trained to meet the unique needs of all its residents with memory loss and the same care techniques. Our men-only cottage offers living space for six residents, and because of its small environment, one-on-one attention.

Services Included
  • 24-hour on site resident assistant staffing.

  • Wellness Director on-site during normal business hours and available on-call to staff.

  • Wellness Director works closely with each resident to coordinate, maintain and manage medical services.

  • Laundry (up to 3 loads per week) and housekeeping services.
    Secured Environment.

Additional Services Available
  • Bluestone Physician Services

  • Midwest Podiatry Services

  • Beautician Services

  • Professional Portable X-ray (PPX)

  • Health East Medical Laboratory Services

  • Hospice Services

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10020 Raleigh Rd, 
Woodbury, MN 55129
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