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Why Prelude?

Spiritual Care

We believe that each person is valuable, is loved by God, and has a purpose in life. Through devotions, Bible studies, weekly chapel services and one-to-one interaction with residents, our Pastors seek to help each resident know that God loves them and God is with them.


Physical Environment

Prelude Homes & Services has been designed for the unique needs of individuals. Our cottages are self contained, each serving 12 or less residents. The living spaces and furnishings have been designed to provide comfortable and familiar surroundings for our residents. We also have a space unique to Assisted Living needs that supports up to 20 residents.

Pillars of Engagement

Prelude's engagement program focuses on giving each resident a sense of worth, purpose, autonomy, social confidence, community, hope and enjoyment of each day. Our engagement program is built around five pillars.

  1.  Mind

  2.  Music

  3.  Physical

   4.  Service

   5.  Spiritual

Life Legacy

Prelude Homes & Services recognizes that each of our residents come to us with a unique history. We believe that the life they have lived is their legacy, and knowing it enables us to adapt our care and interactions with them to meet their individual needs. Our Life Legacy Program™ is based on this philosophy.


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