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Minnesota Nice or Not So Nice?

We all know the “Minnesota Nice” way to greet one another is usually; “Hi, how are you”? That does not always work for someone with Dementia. That question can be over-loaded, depending on where the person is in their Dementia journey. They may not be able to find the words to answer your simple question. This can cause embarrassment, frustration or sadness.

Instead, greet the person with a smile and a compliment using their name. Knowing their name is important as it plays a role in the connection of the greeting.

Try this: “Hello Susan, it’s good to see you today. That purple blouse looks beautiful on you” or “Hi Mike, you look great today. Love that Gophers sweatshirt you’re wearing”

Take time to let the person respond. Remember; even a smile in return is a great response and you have made your connection. Besides, who doesn’t like a compliment?

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