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"I want to go home"

I want to go home - What does home mean to you? You might say; Comfort, safety, a place you are familiar with and where you belong. A place where you had control. When a person with Dementia says they want to go home the thoughts of home are no different.

Acknowledge and comfort the person. You might say; “How about if you stay for lunch?” or suggest you sit down for a cup of tea and have a conversation about home.  Start out by asking; “Tell me about your home” or “What does your favorite room look like”.  This encourages them to share positive memories. The person could just need some reassurance so provide this with a gentle touch to the hand or a hug.

Never try to reason by saying “This is your home now.” A person with Dementia is smarter than that. They know this is not there home.  Telling them that is only going to cause more distress.

While this is not there home, we can still provide comfort, safety and love.

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