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Family Changes

A diagnosis of Dementia is devastating for the person as well as loved-ones and family members. You will feel all sorts of emotions; anger, loss, betrayal, fear and profound sadness. Another family member might be feeling anxiety or depression. No two family members are going to process the news in the same way. We all have different coping mechanisms. Take time to think about how the disease will change your relationship with the person and your entire family.

It’s natural to think about the losses. I encourage you to focus on the persons remaining strengths. They still have them. If Mom loved gardening; do some gardening with her in a raised garden box. If Dad was a Veteran; reminisce about those days and write his stories in a journal so you can pass on that legacy.

No doubt, Dementia will change the relationship with-in the family. The devastation will lessen if you support, respect and cherish one another. #DementiaTipThursday

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