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Turning Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) into 1:1 engagement

With dementia the ability to perform ADLs declines with the progression of the disease. As you start doing more for the person- make it fun! They can still participate by choosing the clothes to wear for the day, brushing their teeth or holding the washcloth while having their face washed.

If you know Ruby loves to make a fashion statement with her jewelry, make sure she has jewelry on each day. Take time for Styling hair, applying a touch of rouge and don’t forget that lipstick!

For those men who use to go the corner barber for a trim and shave; you can make sure that happens. Create your own barber shop and make sure to add a splash of Lectric Shave! If Roy has always worn baseball caps, see too it he is sporting his favorite.

The progression is going to happen. Our role is to focus on the purpose and power we can provide. #DementiaTipThursday

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