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Heat Wave!

Today it might reach 80 degrees!

Today it might reach 80 degrees! With the summer months approaching. remember to keep folks with dementia fully hydrated. During the early stages of dementia, a person may simply forget to drink because they cannot recall when they last took a drink. In advance stages they do not recognize thirst or they might be unable to express thirst to others.

Be proactive; leave beverages out in a visible area and offer water throughout the day. Not just at meal time. Water is the best choice for hydration but here are some other options; popsicles, fresh fruit, tomatoes, cucumbers, juices, herbal tea or my favorite; Jell-O! Who can resist lime Jell-O?

Sit outside with your loved one; enjoy the warm weather, the birds chirping, drink a glass of lemonade and cherish the moment.

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