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Exit-Seeking...Where to Next

Exit-seeking is a common behavior for people with dementia. Specifically, those in the early stage or who have recently moved into a facility.  They might be very verbal about “getting out” or needing to go home because they know their house is going up for sale and they need to put a stop to it.  Or they may simply be trying to find familiar surroundings.

  • Here a few tips to help keep the person safe:

  • If the person is living in a facility; learn the history and what might trigger the need for elopement

  • Validate what they are saying and take time to discuss the persons feeling

  • Understand the motivation for wanting to leave

  • Distract and Redirect

  • Caregivers should avoid making it known when they are leaving because that might be a good idea to the person with dementia as well

  • Consider a Dementia alert ID bracelet for those who have the potential of elopement


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