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The Reason Behind the Behavior

When a person with dementia goes through the stage of negative behaviors it is going to be more important for you to learn the reason for the behavior. This is when we put our investigative skills to work.

Ask yourself these questions; the what, when, where and why?

-What is the action or behavior they are displaying? What are they trying to tell you?

-When is the person engaging in this behavior? A certain time of day? Consider what might be the trigger

-Where does the behavior take place? Are there any environmental changes you can make? Is there too much stimuli? Are they isolated to one room when the behavior occurs?

-Why are they doing this? Seek first to understand. Don’t focus so much on the actual behavior. Your focus should be on the cause.

When you have answers to these questions you will be one step closer of knowing how to get through these difficult moments. #DementiaTipThursday

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