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"Let's wash up"

Providing cares is a necessary duty when caring for a person with dementia, yet it has its challenges. Some tips that I hope will help you and your loved one through the process of showering;

Let the person know what you are doing; through one step verbal cues and gestures. Instead of saying “It’s time for a shower” you might say “Let’s wash up”.

Make sure the water is just right. Our elderly folks get cold so use an extra towel or a blanket to cover their bare skin. It will provide security and it is something they can hold on to. Not to mention it’s a great way to respect dignity.

Handheld shower head works best but remove it from the shower bracket and use the hose. If it’s in the bracket and water is spraying down on to the person, this can cause fear and increased anxiety.

When it’s all done and the person is groomed and dressed in clean, fresh clothing you are both going to feel the success of the challenge. And it will be well worth it. Don’t forget to thank them for all their help! #DementiaTipThursday

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